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Lorac TANtilizer Body Bronzing Luminzer: Everything is Illuminated


As we approach November, the temperature might be dropping steadily, but that’s no reason we should let our glowing skin fall by the wayside. Even if you are lucky enough to still be clinging to an Indian-summer tan, we could all use something to maintain that coveted sun-kissed sheen. Lorac‘s TANtilizer, an ultra-wearable body bronzer, is the answer to beating winter’s despised pastiness. Not only does it absorb quickly and smoothly (no streaks or stripes, ever), it moisturizes more powerfully than loads of lotions.

Just apply it wherever you like – décolletage, shoulders, arms, legs – and let it absorb into pure silkiness before getting dressed. TANtilizer is technically a body makeup, but the golden bronze formula is so lightweight, it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing cakey cosmetics all over yourself. The finishing touch for special out-nights when you might get photographed, want to get noticed, and wouldn’t mind getting touched! At Sephora for $32.



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  1. I’ve always used spray fake tans but they’re soooo messy. And time consuming. Maybe I’ll give this a try although I’d worry about it getting on my clothes