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Burak Uyan Textured-Leather Ankle Boots: What a Difference a Sale Makes

Sea foam-colored shoes normally aren’t at the top of my shopping list, whatever the season. But now at second glance, these offbeat Burak Uyan ankle boots are striking my fancy. Maybe it’s that sudden 30% that has me doing a double take (knock a few hundred bucks off the price and it can change everything). Either way, now the hue seems like an intriguing choice in a galaxy of strict neutrals and all-out brights; it’s the best of both worlds, a color without being a COLOR.

This is an ankle boot with sandal-like appeal. It’s in the streamlined fit that promises to fit like a glove, the sly, triangular cutout right below Uyan’s trademark golden push-button hardware. The pebble-textured leather eludes to some rusticity and makes the color appear more natural, and the contrast-stitched front seam draws your eye to the feet. Usually, I’m not a fan of seamed boots, but this one is so strong, unique, and purposeful, I’m saying yes. Call it the effect of the sale’s red line! On Net-a-Porter for $647.50 (from $925).

Pair with: Think surf and sand. Vince’s leather blazer, in a shade of creamy tan, will make your booties look effortless. Scrunch up the sleeves and think nothing of it for ultimate nonchalance. At Bergdorf Goodmanicon for $995.




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