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NARS Skin Mud Mask: As Clear as Mud

Mud masks are brilliant for purifying our faces of oil and bacteria, which tend to run rampant in staggering summer heat. When it comes to wintertime, we don’t want to leave our skin neglected; but with all the drying cold, you need a cleansing mask that also hydrates. Stay away from those that strip away precious moisture from your skin.

Packed with peach and white lily extracts, mineral-heavy seaweed, Masada Mud out of the Deep Sea, and their exclusive active phytoseed complex, NARS Skin’s Mud Mask delivers maximum hydration during the time we need it most. Even better, it improves our skin’s natural ability to retain moisture so it allows our daily moisturizers to work better.

The mask also delivers a deep clean, clarifying your pores by visibly removing oils and grime, and gives balance when your skin is off kilter – is it dry? Is it oily? What does it need? Use it accordingly, and the mud mask will listen. If your skin is dry, use it once a week; combination, twice; and oily, apply it three times a week for fresh, clean, quenched skin. At Neiman Marcusicon for $45.



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