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Just Behave, Pablo Picasso!: But Actually, Don’t!

Whatever your feelings are about Pablo Picasso, you cannot deny that he is a true original. He was painting things others couldn’t even dream of, and he paid for it with painful criticism and ridicule. This wonderfully illustrated book talks about Picasso’s personal vision and his defiance to stay true to his own unique ideas no matter what others told him. The writing is a bit abrupt but I think the complexity of the story required a simplistic approach for young readers. It does allow you to interject and explain, which is always the best part of reading to your tot. No matter what your quirks are, embrace and celebrate, is the message. And hopefully one day your tot will realize that quirks are an asset, especially helpful during the painful teenage years so definitely keep this book handy when they lose sight of that fact. At Amazon for pre-order for $12.23.



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