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Cuddle Covers: Pillows Gone Playful

With this cute Cuddle Cover you can turn a simple pillow into a favorite stuffed animal. Made of hypoallergenic plush and machine washable, the Cuddle Cover fits any standard pillow. Just use a soft pillow and your new buddy won’t be so square. Once you squish them up, they’re as cute as any stuffed animal and better than a pillow pet! With names like Kit the Cat, Don the Dinosaur, Izzy the Unicorn, Louie the Lion, Max the Dog, and Berry the Bear, how could you possible go wrong? It’s a comfy pillow and sweetie in one. They’re adorable for home, and great for traveling so you don’t have to pack a pillow and a snuggle buddy. Instructions say, “Fluff, Stuff, Zip, and Cuddle,” and I say, great idea! (Order now and get a mini-cuddle for free!) At Cuddle Covers for $19.99.



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