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Stay, The True Story of Ten Dogs: Best Friends Forever

It is so sad that all these bookstores are closing. There is nothing like browsing through books with your tots because you never know what they will gravitate toward. We now go to the library, which of course is wonderful, there are some books you just have to keep, which we buy on Amazon. This process is obviously less direct.

The best thing about looking at physical books is, my tots get to decide. Some books don’t even look that good, to me that is, but then my daughters will fall in love. Their recent obsession is Stay, The True Story of Ten Dogs. It is about a man who rescues shelter dogs and they in turn rescue him. The story introduces each dog, who are all given away because they have some undesirable quality but they are given a second chance because Luciano, their rescuer, sees only the good in them. The love story runs deep and kids seem to fully understand, connect and relate. This book really brings to light the enormity of a child’s heart.

Plus, there are cute pictures of cute dogs! At Amazon for $11.46.



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