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Unique Birthday Candles: Flame On, Party On

Candles are not just candles anymore. These inventive and fun options will dress up your cake, and even sing “Happy Birthday” to you! You may first want to start with Fred and Friends’ Cake Candelabra ($7.48), a fabulous way to hold your candles – as long as you don’t want more than nine! The silver-toned base of this 4” high and 5.5” diameter candleholder gives any birthday cake a classy look. And remember, if your tot is younger than nine, extras can be added for good luck.

Fred’s Roman Candles Birthday Candles ($5.84) are actually just that – Roman numerals. Why not teach a little math lesson while celebrating the big day?

The seemingly magical Happy Birthday Candle ($4.60) adds song to fire. After lighting the wick, a large flame is lit in the center. As the petals start to fall down, it lights 14 smaller candles (and don’t’ worry, the petals catch the melting wax). Next, you hear the melody to “Happy Birthday!”

The Colorflame Birthday Candles ($6.52) come with colored flames that burn in five different colors: purple, orange, red, blue, and green. These unusual candles come 12 in a box.

Lastly, the Sparkling Musical Birthday Cake Toppers ($10) are 5” tall candles that have a central sparkler that lights smaller candles. Petals then unfold and the flower rotates and plays, “Happy Birthday!” I’m in birthday party planning mode and I can’t decide which of these to get!



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  1. FYI – My 3-year old cried with the flaming flower. I thought it would be cool. Big NO for her, and she’s not the sensitive type.

  2. Kids parties are getting fancier and fancier nowadays. First, the fancy cakes and now candles! I found another fancy sparkling candle for sale here and other sites as well. I wonder what comes up next? Frosting that glows? LOL