Cor Silver Soap: Clean to the Cor

It’s hard to believe that a single soap can offer everything from cleaning to antibacterial protection, brightening, reducing pore size, exfoliating, and even providing anti-aging and SPF. Seriously, can one bar of soap really be this powerful? If it’s Cor Silver soap, then yes. This soap delivers, and it’s pretty amazing. The only claim a bit hard for me to believe was SPF; everything else was understandable. But SPF in a soap? Well, yes, it contains the ingredient Sericin, which has a protein that binds to your skin. It doesn’t wash off, and its light-reflecting quality acts like a sunscreen. Since you can never be too sure, it is still advisable to use it in addition to your own sunscreen. But it is great to know that if I forget to apply mine or am in a huge hurry, all I need to do is use this soap to cover all my bases.

It leaves the skin quite soft and supple and it does produce that super-clean feel that some people like. But I find it makes my skin feel a bit tight and naked, so I moisturize immediately after washing (which I do anyway).  I love keeping Cor Silver soap in my shower since I can easily and quickly wash my face no matter how hurried I am. It even stands up to my white-towel test. After washing off my makeup with this, there’s no residue left on the towel when I dry. The perfect cleanser for the summer when you really need a good cleaning. And, of course, SPF is a huge bonus.

This multi-purpose soap also contains hyaluronic acid (a wonderful humectant that promotes skin hydration), pomegranate (a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from environmental damage), Jojoba and Aloe (that soothe the skin), and avocado’s Vitamins A and E, so necessary for healthy skin. Available at Cor in two sizes: travel size (30g), $40, and The One (120g), $125.



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