GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device

A decade of diligently using my Sonicare toothbrush means that my teeth are pretty white and I don’t have any cavities. I do however drink coffee in the morning and tea throughout the day so they could definitely be a little whiter. After meeting the wife and co-founder of the aesthetic dentist that came up with GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device ($275), I am certainly intrigued to try this route. I’ve done Crest stripes before and have found them to be incredibly effective, but they started to cause sensitivity so I haven’t used them in a long while. GLO supposedly does not cause sensitivity (just make sure to keep it away from your gums), and has won more prestigious awards than I can name.

To use this kit simply apply the GLO gel onto your teeth and put on the mouthpiece for four consecutive eight-minute applications per day. They suggest doing this for three to five days in a row or up to 10 consecutive days depending on how stained your teeth are. You’ll only have to this twice a year. Also if you’ve used Crest stripes you might have experiences some lip dryness, which is why GLO’s kit comes with a lip care product. Another point of difference is that I sometimes had trouble getting the stripes to stay in place, this isn’t a problem with GLO thanks to the mouthpiece.

Again, I haven’t tried this myself, but based on the clinical studies (and the co-founder’s stellar teeth), it looks like a promising device!


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