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Summer Hair for the Man Snob: A Close Call

After growing out my hair for the past year or so, I decided it was time to tame this bush growing on top of my head. Humidity and my hair are not friends, and I know it was time to clean up.

After a strong recommendation by a friend to trust the artists at John Barrett (the luxurious salon in the Penthouse at Bergdorf Goodman), I committed to an appointment. It began with a thorough consultation with Dennis Trotta, (a good percentage of the guys who work there go to him), who I simply trusted him to cut it short, yet keep it masculine yet chic.

Much conversation later, he succeeded. He took the sides and kept them short, but just long enough; and he applied the same concept to the back. With the top he left a just-generous-enough amount of length, allowing for a handsome part.

Overall, this was the best (and most tailored) haircut I have ever received, and highly recommend a similar style for men out there who want to have an original short style and not look like a hipster. Or as John Barrett personally told me: “Handsome hair is hipper than hipster hair.”

I concur, John.

Cuts available at John Barrett Salon from $125.


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