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Michael Kors Resort 2013 Collection: She Sells Chic Down by the Seashore

The unstoppable Michael Kors and the season known as Resort go hand-in-hand. If you think about it, whether he’s doing safari-chic or pumped-up minimalist, Kors’ vibe is always a little cruise-inspired. That’s why, when other designers might falter, his collections always seems to be a homerun, packed with pieces to make you say, “Fall who?

Kors is a master at heightening simplicity with just the right embellishments. With grand shots of gold shimmer and primary colors so bright you need shades, Resort 2013 is big glamour by the sea. Ikat and brocade bring texture; agate and crystals bring exotic spice. And a golden necklace-plate says it all, easily incorporating into both your sleek swimsuit and red-carpet gown, for day-to-night decadence. The python coat is, of course, a standout in my book; in rich, oceanic aqua, it just doesn’t get more luxe. Skimping on nothing, except high-glam, this is a seriously flashy collection for Kors – and it’s exciting! He’s in the mood for celebrating, and with looks this festive, how can you not want to join the party?



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