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OPI Minnie Mouse Collection

I’m a total nail polish hoarder across brands, but more often than not I’ll go for OPI because they last the longest on my nails. It also doesn’t hurt that they pretty much reign supreme when it comes to limited edition collections. Their latest is called Vintage Minnie Mouse and includes four nail lacquers ($9 each): a pink creme lacquer, one frosted red shade, a shimmery fuchsia, and a heart glitter confetti (obvi the hands down fave…). Sure aside from the top coat it may not be the most groundbreaking-ly original collection, but the shades are season-less classics and I love saying I’m wearing a Minnie Mouse-inspired hue!

If You Moust You Moust is the bright pink on the right (no shimmer, just a nice, clean pink); the second from right is I’m All Ears Tell, which is a somewhat sheer (you’ll probably need three coats), magenta shimmer. The second from the left is called The Color of Minnie and is an opaque shimmery red that only requires two coats for full coverage. Nothin’ Mousie ‘bout It, the shade all the way to the left, is the confetti light pink top coat with glitter and heart confetti. The top coat is super fun, but be forewarned that it will take some work to get the hearts on your nails as they tend to stick to the bottom of the bottle. Get the collection while you can – it just launched and once the shades are gone, they’re gone!


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