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Vichy CelluDestock Intensive Treatment for Appearance of Cellulite

Most cellulite fighters are nothing more than shrewd marketing. There’s no proven way to fight cellulite with lotions or potions however there are ways minimize the appearance of those pesky pockets of fat. One of the most effective is to build up muscle underneath the fat tissue by doing squats and lunges. These exercises will not only help with your existing cellulite, but will work to prevent future lumps. That’s not to say creams, gels, and scrubs are useless in fact they can be great as they’ll often impart a tightening feel (instant confident booster), smooth skin, and improve circulation. Vichy’s CelluDestock Intensive Treatment for Appearance of Cellulite ($39.50) is the most recent one I’ve tried. Like many others it uses caffeine to achieve its results, but unlike most it’s clinically backed.

Studies showed that after 7 days of using the cream skin texture was smoother and after 2 weeks skin was firmer and more elastic. After 4 weeks there was visible loss of up to 1 cellulite grade. As for me when I tried it I was surprised at how lightweight it was. Anti-cellulite products, in my experience, tend to come in the form of thick gels so a moisturizing light cream was a refreshing change. It’s also green so it will help to neutralize redness in your hips, tights, and bum region. The scent is subtle and dissipates quickly. I didn’t feel an instant tightening effect with the cream, but you feel it once the cream dries (give it a minute or two). Again, there is no proven cream that will get rid of cellulite, but I do believe that if you have a healthy diet, exercise, and improve circulation my massaging a cream into your cellulite-prone regions that you can greatly improve the appearance of dimples. Given how nice this one feels and that it’s moisturizing (unlike so many others I’ve tried that have been sticky), I give it a thumbs up!


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