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Ava Anderson

Ava Anderson is a remarkable brand. Not only are the 50-plus products in their eight lines (avaBODY, avaSKIN, avaFACE, avaSUN, avaHAIR, ava SCENT, avaHOME and avaBABY), made without harmful ingredients, but they only contain organic ingredients, many of which are vegan and the entire range is the brainchild of a girl who is only 18! Even more awe-inspiring, founder Ava Anderson was only 15 when she launched the non-toxic brand. Anderson saw a news segment on a study done by the Environmental Working Group, which tested teenagers for carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, neurotoxins, etc. and every teen tested positive for all the chemicals they were looking for. This shocked her and she immediately began researching the issue and when she learned that there was nothing she considered to be a  full line of completely safe, non-toxic products she set out to develop her own. Talk about entrepreneurship!

It may surprise some people to learn that many products labeled as “organic” or “natural” still contain toxic ingredient, but in this line every single ingredient scores a ‘0’ on the Cosmetic Database’s 0 to 10 toxicity scale. Even more surprisingly prices are mild and the formulations are gentle enough for sensitive skin. Many of the products also have a super refreshing lemon-y scent. Check out the full line here.


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