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Bijoux Heart: Live in Excess, Spend Wisely

It’s all about excess. I’m calling it: the economy is (finally) on the rise, and based on the optimism we’re seeing from designers as of late, pure decadence and real luxury is back in full swing. But does that mean we would be wise to jump the gun and overspend right now? Tempting, yes, but, well, probably best to just look the part and save the money. Which is easier said than done. Bijoux Heart is our answer.

Overly ornate in Swarovski-crystal clusters, they keep your spirits all sparkly and your credit rating sparkling clean. Even though most pieces are (well) under a thousand bucks, they look so money. I think I’m going to start a mini-collection and alternate between piling on the Ernite crystal ring, plated in 24-karat gold ($390), extra-long, extra-striking Moritz pendant necklace ($705), dangling Glo earrings ($730), power-packing Star cocktail ring ($510), and the aptly named mesh Vreeland cuff ($1,035). Big jewels for the small spender! Exclusively available on Net-a-Porter.



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