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IOMA Repair Gel

We all have brands that come hell or high water we know we can trust. Amore Pacific, Kanebo, Estee Lauder, Clarins…those are some of mine. About a year ago I was introduced to IOMA and it quickly proved itself to be a go-to. I haven’t used the brand’s products for long – not even a year! – but everything I’ve tried has more than lived up to its expectations making it one I turn to in times of skin trouble.

The brand founder is a true technology visionary who holds more degrees than I can recount. Using what he discovered in other fields he has created a line of targeted and customized skincare regimens – this is a no BS guy who could care less about beauty, but saw a way to deliver solutions in much more effective ways because of his unique background. A few weeks ago I started using the brand’s Moisturizing Toning Lotion ($85), because no matter how good of a job I do taking care of my skin sometimes stress and hormonal shifts get in the way of a clear complexion. At the time I started using the toning lotion I was using an acne clearing gel cleanser from Murad and my skin had a few dry patches. After a few days of using the toning lotion twice a day (it’s super lightweight – like water), the dry patches were gone even though I was still using the cleanser. At the same time I also started using their Repair Gel Day/Night ($160). The gel is non-sticky, non-irritating, absorbs quickly so you can layer on makeup even when you’re in a rush, and it calms down skin (I’m anxiety-prone and often wake up stressed with redness in my face so I loved lathering this on in the morning). The gel also treats/prevents acne, but instead of salicylic acid it uses royal jelly extract to control sebum production…no clue what it is, but it’s a winner!


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