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Laura Mercier Blonde Eye Brow Pencil

A few weeks ago I went to see celebrity eyebrow stylist Julie Tussey at the Angelo David Salon. She’s got a TON of celebrity clients including Kim Cattrall, Mia Farrow, Martha Stewart, and Eva Longoria and over 25 years of experience. Needless to say she saved my brows from a plucking mishap and introduced me to the best eye brow pencil –  Laura Mercier Eye Brow Pencil Blonde ($20). The shade blended in perfectly with my brows, but Tussey told me she uses it on almost all of her clients because it’s universally flattering. I’ve been using it to fill in my brows since seeing her and it’s got an amazingly smooth texture and a light pigmentation so it blends in very easily.

I actually got some useful tips from Laura Mercier on how to apply this pencil:

  • Begin by brushing brows upward and outward with an eye brow brush.
  • Lightly stroke pencil to create tiny, hair-line lines wherever brows need filling in or extending.
  • Draw lines in same direction as hair growth.
  • If you wish to enlarge brows, add volume to the top of the brow line – never the bottom, as it closes your eye area.
  • Use angles tip of eye brow brush to gently blend and soften any harsh lines.

As a final note, it’s a good idea to apply some translucent powder on top of your brows to set the look.


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