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Prince Lionheart 3-in-1 Universal Organizer: Balancing Act

Now that my tots have grown out of baby things, I can really appreciate products that serve a purpose after the baby phase and my garage can really use the space all those retired things would be taking up. When your baby is still a baby, your mind is completely occupied by the fact that you have a baby, so you’re naturally not thinking that far ahead. It’s a “you cannot really see the forest for the trees” kind of thing. But that’s what I’m here for: to be helpful!

Organizing baby-food bottles may not be a top priority, but doing anything that helps keep you sane, especially in the kitchen, is worth the effort. Once your tot is eating grownup food, this Prince Lionheart shelving tray makes the perfect organizer for your bathroom, ideal to house your various beauty products. (Mine are stacked on top of each other and fall over whenever I try to grab something.) Also, by the time your baby is eating strictly solids (which is at about one year), that’s when you become yourself again and start to give yourself some much-needed focus. Perfect time to stock up on beauty products! It took me one year to put myself together after my first, and it took two years after the second baby (juggling 2 seemed nearly impossible at first!). As a matter of fact, I’m still constantly struggling to find balance! On Amazon for $11.81.



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