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Top 5 Geometric Statement Jewels: A Perfect Equation

Lotocoho Ring and Bracelet, Persephoni Necklace, Fleet Ilya Necklace, Maria Francesca Pepe Earrings

Back to school doesn’t have to mean back to boring, or that you even have to still be in school to get in on the spirit of it. September is about change, and I believe the best – and easiest – way to do it is by changing up your jewels. Better yet, geometry makes a statement in jewelry, and that statement has more to do with declaring your style than your major (even if you failed high-school geometry!). Hands down, Luisa via Roma has the best selection of outrageously fabulous unexpected treasures, so you’re back-to-cool jewel spree is a one-stop shop.

1. Lotocoho Voronoi II Ring ($672): This elaborate web of hard lines and oxidized silver may look complicated, but the appeal is simple. A chunky ring that will have all eyes on your hands.

2. Maria Francesca Pepe Large Triangle Earrings ($490): These super-reflective triangles are worthy of a 1980s hair-metal star (or Jem and the Holograms!). Better yet, they are deserving of getting flaunted on your next big night out.

3. Persephoni Geometric Necklace ($504): Triangles look totally badass when they are so 3D, they can double as weapons. This stainless-steel design is the mega-manifesto of statement necklaces.

4. Lotocoho Solid Bracelet ($705): Lotocoho gets an A+ for solving yet another problem: what to wear when you’re bored with your bangles and cuffs? Their cluster of gold pyramids is the equivalent of the cool new kid.

5. Fleet Ilya Web Collar Necklace ($497): More breastplate than necklace, this piece of sliced and cutout calfskin leather is not for the faint of heart. But these symmetrical shapes add up to the perfect style equation.



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