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Alexander Fuchs Diamond and Wire Bracelet: Cosmic Radiance

Mesmerizing and out of this world. How can words appropriately describe a diamond bracelet that looks like stars from above? There are 221 white diamonds – marquise, round, baguette and princess cut totally 22 carats set on flurocarbon wires so they appear to be dangling in space. Forget tennis bracelets, those are so old school and totally pedestrian compared to this exquisite beauty to behold. Yeah, the price is a bit out there as well, as excessive as 221 diamonds sound, each are around .2 to .5 carats each so on their own, they are not valuable. You are paying for the design. The great thing about jewelry is, if you know the right jeweler, and I do, you can get anything made!! Calling my diamond dealer right now!! The real Alexander Fuchs is at Luisa Via Roma for $72,386.



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