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Cindy Chao’s Million-Dollar Jewel: Madam Butterfly

Cindy Chao The Art Jewel Transcendence Butterfly

We know Cindy Chao as much more than a jewelry designer – she’s an artist. Her breathtaking diamond butterfly just sold for nearly a million dollars at a Christie’s auction – how insane is that?! She has crafted a jeweled butterfly every year since 2004, when she founded The Art Jewel, an innovative company focused on the ever-evolving nature of artistry and technique. This piece is part of the highly exclusive Black Label – aka check it out at the Smithsonian (for more accessible jewels, Cindy has the White Label at Bergdorfs and Selfridges). This annual insect is the “Transcendence Butterfly,” constructed from white gold, titanium, and one huge 3-carat diamond! The idea is that the butterfly is flying free into the sky and clouds, represented by over 20 carats of sapphires and 2,000 diamonds. With the incredible attention to detail, high quality, and the obvious commercial interest it has garnered, I’d say this sale solidifies Cindy’s title as Master Jewel Artist of the world!



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