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Natalia Brilli Long Beads Bow Necklace: Tie the Tie

Try the Tie

Tying a big bow on a simple beaded necklace takes it from basic to basically incredible without really doing anything at all. Ribbons are just a nice feminine touch on the chunky beads. You can wear Natalia Brilli‘s necklaces tight for the multi-strand look or loose for a Roaring ‘20s flapper vibe. This is even something you could DIY, no? The bow is leather (even the beads are coated in leather!), but you could so easily do the same with a beaded necklace you already own and a nice satin or grosgrain ribbon (stick with monochrome). Just don’t try to use printed ribbon or you might end up looking like the recycled wrapping from your birthday present. But if it comes out wrong, all you have to do is untie – no damage done!

Available in white or navy on Luisa via Roma for $420.



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