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Organic Pharmacy Ultra Dry Skin Cream: An Extra Winter Layer

As the name Organic Pharmacy suggests, this cream (exclusively at Barneys New York for $79) has all of the potency you need with none of the chemicals! The downside it’s gets you pretty greasy. I wouldn’t put it on before going out, especially if you’re wearing silk or something else delicate. But if you’re a fan of winter sports and like to plummet down the slopes, this cream will keep you safe against the elements (the cold may suck, but wind is our true enemy). Or you could just make it a nice pre-bed ritual, paying special attention to your driest areas, like hands, feet, and elbows. If you apply a really thin layer all over, it should be fine – anyway, sleep is a time to recover, not impress! The evening primrose and rose hip not only smell divine, but will soothe dry, itchy skin and help battle the urge to scratch. The calming effect of this lotion is instant, getting rid of unsightly flakes and smoothing your skin’s texture. I’m going to save my stash for when I really need it. It’s just too oily for daily use. But hey, I live in California – for Snobs in more severe climates, this cream can be a real skin saver. Stock up and slather on!



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