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Pajama and Book Set: Bedtime Without Bedlam

Knight and the Dragon Pajama and Book Set, Boy 12 Days of Christmas Pajama and Book Set, Goodnight Moon Pajama and Book Set

The Books to Bed pajama and book sets are some of the best gifts for tots. Why? Because when a gift can be given to a child that also helps a parent, it’s a win for everyone. These get tots excited for their bedtimes (when does that ever happen?) and engage them in reading. I have the Pinkalicious series for my girls, and the pajamas and books are still their favorites! They reach for the hardback every time they wear the jammies, and experts say that reading the same books again and again is the best way to learn how to read – tots memorize the books and can start making connections between the spoken and written word. Plus, these two-piece pjs are super comfy, get softer with each wash, and never shrink or fade. Made for 12-18 months, the Knight and the Dragon set ($46) is good for a little knight in shining armor in training, while kiddies who love Christmas (and which ones don’t??) will adore the 12 Days of Christmas pairing ($46). But my favorite is definitely Goodnight Moon ($47)! The pjs may be for infants, but your tots will keep reading the classic book for years to come.

Available at Neiman Marcus.



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