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Sentara Eye Balm and White Flower Cream: Hydration Elation

Sentara Skincare White Flower Repairing Cream and Sentara Skin Care Eye & Lip Contour

After loving Sentara’s all weather cream, I started to try other products from the line. Usually when a brand’s beauty treatments are used in conjunction, the results are better (not always, but I wanted to try this out since I had such a great experience), and this time, they were! The unusual consistency of the all weather cream was made smoother and more absorbent when applied on top of the white flower repairing cream ($72). The white lily in it is supposed to lighten hyper-pigmentation, but I haven’t used it long enough to give you an opinion on that. What I will say is that it has evened out my skin tone, reduced the size of my pores, and made my skin silky smooth. The Inca Inchi in the cream has even purified my skin to the point that all bumps are gone!

And the eye cream is just as sensational ($54)! It’s thick, which is nice in an eye cream since it stays in the right area instead of smearing all across your cheeks. I apply pretty heavily (thin skin needs thick treatment!), but even still, it instantly absorbed. A lot of eye creams are meant to be used as night repair, but this is for the daytime because it starts working immediately – and those are results you want to share! Hyaluronic acid plumps the cells and thalassine relaxes the muscles to reduce wrinkles and give a youthful glow. Using all of these products together, my skin has been experiencing a heightened sense of hydration that’s like no other I’ve ever felt. In dry winter months, you need moisture 24/7, and with Sentara I even wake up dewy! My complexion feels so plump and refreshed that I sometimes feel like I can just wake up, slather on some sunscreen, and head out the door (and many days I do!). In the summer, I’m all about finding the bet sunscreen, but in the winter, I focus on hydrating and protecting my skin from the harsh winter elements (yes, even in LA!!). Available at Sentara.



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  1. Hello, just read your article about the eye cream being thick!!….please, the delicate eye does not react well to thick applications of anything!!……Hair/Makeup/Skin….30 years…..