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DKNY City Survival Tote: Survival of the FEEDist

DKNY City Survival Tote

DKNY has collaborated with FEED to create the ultimate socially conscious bag (Donna is an extremely generous philanthropist). Made from sustainable canvas and shell fabrics, the sleek black city-style tote has everything you’ve come to expect from the thoughtful designer. Profits will go towards providing hunger and nutritional services to the needy all around the globe. To get specific, each bag purchased will be able to get emergency food to 25 kids. What better time is there to buy this, especially as a gift? It would be the perfect diaper bag – an even better design for moms than the DKNY FEED diaper bag ($220). And when your tots leave their nappy days behind them, it’ll be perfect for carrying around your entire arsenal of essentials – snacks, wipes, extra outfits, toys, bibs, place mats, etc. There are tons of super convenient inner and outer pockets, and it even comes with an umbrella. Donna thinks of everything! On Net-a-Porter for $220.



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