Umbra Fotofalls Metal Photo Tree: O Christmas Tree

Umbra Fotofalls Photo Tree

We all put a lot of thought and love into our holiday cards each year, so I want to cherish the ones I receive. I insist on displaying all of them, and the Umbra Fotofalls Tree is a fun and organized way to exhibit every last card (standing them up on every available surface in your house can make it look cluttered). This contemporary design has three metal tiers that hold up to 49 photos or cards. The cascading effect displays each photo in full view, and with enough leaves, it looks like a cute little Christmas tree (it’s a tot-sized tree at just three feet tall!). You can even get creative and throw some tinsel or ornaments on it! If your main tree is in the living room, just put this one in your family room to spread the holiday cheer all throughout your home! Festive and sentimental, this photo tree is what the holidays are all about.

Available on Amazon for $47.99.



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