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Bliss Lean Machine


I first heard about the Bliss Lean Machine ($145) through one of Bliss’ rep who told me about a treatment they have that’s called fatgirlslim lean machine. The treatment is designed to boost  circulation and includes a full body dry brushing and application of the brand’s famed fatgirlslim cream, as well as a demo massage with their lean machine body contouring tool, which you get to keep at the end of the 30min, $195 treatment. I didn’t try the treatment, but I did get to try the machine.

First off nothing has been proven to fight cellulite – the most effective thing you can do is build up muscle underneath the fat tissue by doing exercises like squats and lunges and Bliss is upfront that you need to combine their product with a healthy diet and regular exercise to see results. So what exactly does this device do? If you’ve ever done cupping it kind of feels like that. You basically roll the device around your stomach or leg area before applying the fatgirlslim cream and it suctions in your skin (there are various settings). It doesn’t hurt or leave a mark like cupping does, but it does make a pretty loud noise. The device has clinical backing that shows that it can leave skin feeling firmer and smoother.

I found the device to be a bit confusing and given that the tutorial and 30min body treatment offered at Bliss is only an extra $50 I’d highly recommend doing it to figure out what combination of settings is right for you so that you can get the most out of it. I will say I kind of liked the suction feeling and the machine definitely does leave your skin noticeably smoother even if you do it for less than the recommended 3 minutes (honestly it feels noticeably firmer/smoother after just 20-30 seconds, especially if you apply the cream afterwards) – but then again the Clarisonic with body brush does a lot of that and more…


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  1. Great review! I’m thinking of getting this since I love their other FatGirlSlim products, so this was definitely very helpful for me 🙂