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Chantecaille Detox Clay Mask: Rest and Resculpt

Chantecaille Detox Clay Mask

There’s no better time for a detox mask than after New Year’s (not to mention after all the bad things we did during the long holiday season!). Start off 2013 rejuvenated with a mask that will bring you back to a natural state of purity (even if that’s a lost cause for the rest of you haha). This mask is pretty basic – it goes back to the idea of using clay to draw out toxins and dirt, and manages to do this without causing irritation. But unlike your average clay mask, and this is how Chantecaille is superior, it doesn’t leave your skin feeling parched and tight. It does tighten your pores to make them smaller, though, which gives your skin a smoother appearance. The mask is soft, so it won’t dry out and crack on your face, which I can’t stand. This product is even good for people prone to breakouts because it balances out oiliness and cleans out your pores. A full facial detox can do wonders for the entire body. It really is quite powerful and will make a noticeable difference. Try this as a hangover cure – even if your headache persists, the skin on your face will recover from being sleep deprived and exposed to the elements. The mask will restore nutrients and minerals lost from living the hard life. Plus, rosemary and honey give it a luscious smell. The scent even inspired me to make a salad dressing like it! At Saks Fifth Avenue for $78.



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