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Faux Bob Trend: Fake It ‘Till You Make It

Faux Bob Trend

Awards season is upon, so get ready for gorgeous gowns, clutches galore, and elaborately crafted hairstyles. We saw a lot of the faux bob last night (stay tuned for Golden Globe coverage). The faux bob has been bobbing up and down the red carpet, and lucky for us, it’s much easier to achieve than it looks! No need to hire a hairstylist (but that would be nice, no?) – all you do is curl your hair and pin the ends up to the nape of your neck, spreading the locks horizontally to create a full-figured mane. Naomi Watts went asymmetrical with hers, giving us shaggy locks on one side and gussied up glamour on the other (all the better to showcase her blinged-out collar).

Faux Bob Trend

Less edgy but more adorable was Amy Poehler’s blonde bob – trying out looks for her big Golden Globes night, perhaps?



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