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Miley Cyrus’ Short Hair: Snob or Slob?


At first I thought oh nooooo….Miley Cyrus pulled a Britney and cut off all her and bleached it blonde. But, you know what, her platinum pixie cut has totally grown on me! Miley says she has no plans to ever grow her hair out long again and I don’t blame her. She looks so much more sophisticated and the hair does an awesome job at distracting from her still awful fashion choices (though the dress above isn’t half bad). This pixie cut is super easy to maintain…I almost wish I were more adventurous because this cut would be fantastic for my hot yoga-obsessed lifestyle! I do think Miley would look even better if she went with a darker color. What are your thoughts on Miley’s new hair? Are you planning on revamping your hair look this year?

Image: Zimbio


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  1. I love her hair, but maybe i have a bit of a protective issue against anyone with short hair as i have short hair myself.
    I’m sick of long hair being deemed as aspiring if you want to look cool, gorgeous and womanly, because short hair rocks!