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Uniden Guardian Surveillance System: Private Eye

Uniden Guardian Surveillance System

Uniden’s Guardian is an easy to install, intuitive security system for your home. It’s perfect for those with in-house childcare or date night babysitters. With these cameras in place, you’ll know exactly what’s going on at and around your home at all times, which is especially great when you’re traveling. You can watch from your home office on the LCD monitor or access the footage via iPhone app or the website when you’re away from the house. The system offers you full color, live streaming video from up to 4 cameras (2 come with the system and you can add an additional 2). The outdoor camera is weather-resistant and has night vision that can extends up to 40 feet, while the indoor camera is low-profile and inconspicuous. They can record up to 30 hours of tape, but for the sake of your electric bill, it’s best to use the motion detection setting. This way, the cameras only record when someone is in the room. And once you view the footage, you can erase it (generally there’s only 5-10 minutes since it only records movement, so you won’t have to muddle through 10 hours of video a day!).

This system gives you the peace of mind you need when you’re away, and it’s much more useful than you might realize. I have friends with the Guardian who’ve caught their nanny stealing money and neglecting their baby. Another even saw the UPS guy throw their brand new TV from Amazon over the fence. Since the system is wireless, there are no obtrusive cables, so if you’re looking for a private eye to keep watch, there’s no better – or economical – system for the job. Available on Amazon for $317.85.



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