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Eeboo Paper Dolls: Let’s Play Dress-Up

Paper Dolls

No matter how far technology advances, some things from the past will always remain special. Case in point? Paper dolls. They have been around for centuries, beginning in Asian religious rituals and evolving all the way into the wildly popular children’s paper dolls of the 1920’s. The reason they remain relevant is because of how interactive they are. Tots love to play house and dream up different scenarios – these dolls would be the perfect main players for your little one’s imaginary theater troupe. And they have modernized in one important way – eeBoo‘s dolls aren’t flimsy, so they can handle a little more wear and tear than previous models. Pick up the baker and painter set ($16) for a young Francophile (the book sets the dolls up in Paris) or the Finn and Maeve duo ($15) for a tot who longs for medieval adventure! Available for ages 4+ on Little Skye.



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