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Hervé Van der Straeten Gold-Plated Cuff: Cut It Out

Hervé Van der Straeten Gold-Plated Cuff

Get the look of abundance with just one single accessory. Hervé Van der Straeten’s hammered, gold-plated creations always take my breath away. There’s something very old world about the style – like it belongs on a Grecian goddess. But on Hervé’s modern designs, there’s nothing behind the times about the look. Just take notice of the cuff’s cutouts. They’re trendy without having an expiration date. Beyond that, the grandeur of his work can be brought back to its sculptural shape – unsurprisingly, after finding success as a jeweler, the Frenchman has also become well known as a furniture designer and often does random freelance projects for different luxury brands. He’s even crafted a certain perfume bottle that I imagine you are acquainted with – Dior’s J’Adore. Back to the piece at hand, though (soon to be on hand). Yes, high-shine gold is in, but this rustic look always makes a comeback, so keep it stored away after this season. This style is hammered in well and won’t be going anywhere for a long time. Available on NET-A-PORTER for $505.



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