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Mathieu Mirano Fall 2013 Collection: The Mad Scientist

Mathieu Mirano Fall 2013 Collection

I had the pleasure of speaking with Mathieu Mirano before his presentation and was intrigued to learn some new things about the man behind this meteoric collection. He’s been a musician since the age of six and comes from a family of scientists, so the sources of inspiration in his personal life are pretty expansive.

Mathieu wants to be known as the mad scientist of fashion, and there’s no doubting that his collections fit the bill. The designer invents new fabrics, covers fur in chainmail, decorates pencil skirts in meteorites, and breaks out stingray pants. All of this done on iconic fashion shapes – like ‘50s Dior mixed with modern Balenciaga. His muse is none other than Daphne Guinness, who he calls incredible, brave, and appreciative of the craft and luxury in clothes. You come to Fashion Week to see amazing designs and hope to feel inspired by the artistry. Sure, it’s great to pretend that I’m shopping, but it’s actually much more exciting to see showy collections like Mathieu’s, which definitely doesn’t shy away from pushing the limits of design. He has ingenious ways of bringing together multiple fabrics to create texture, and yes, that often means that these looks don’t end up being for the average day. That’s not to say they aren’t wearable, though (except for the sheer skirt with a strip of fur – it has a pretty limited audience). The fur bomber coats and meteorite skirt (how much do meteorites go for these days??) could easily be a part of my life and wardrobe!

Mathieu Mirano Fall 2013 Collection

Mathieu Mirano Fall 2013 Collection



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