Tom Ford Lip Color Shines

tom ford

Pretty much the best press kit I’ve ever received came my way a few weeks ago when I was sent four of Tom Ford’s new Lip Shines ($48). I’ve mentioned before that I’m not big on wearing lipstick and rarely opt for anything other than Blistex or Fresh’s lip treatments, but these shines fit right in as an alternative to Fresh’s lip treatments. They impart your lips with just a slight wash of color/shine, while moisturizing and conditioning the way a balm would. Aside from the fact that my lips are highly pigmented naturally, my issue with most lip products is their stickiness and taste…I don’t want to have to worry about my hair sticking to my lips when I’m walking in the wind; I don’t want to hear a guy complain about feeling my lip products on his mouth when we kiss, and I certainly don’t want to taste chemicals and artificial flavors. The Lip Shines cause none of that! In fact, I’ve been making a point to put on one of the shines every time I go out on a date because they have a fantastic light vanilla-ish taste and while I layer them over balm, they’re so moisturizing you don’t need to do that unless you’re in a very dry climate. Better yet because the color is light you can go mirror-free with your application for most of the shades.


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