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Bottega Veneta Multi-Dimension Jewels: Cage Match

Bottega Veneta Multi-Dimension Jewels

Without departing too much from the classic Bottega Veneta style, Tomas Maier always seems to push the design boundaries just far enough, which is ironic considering how these jewels cage you in! The sterling silver ring ($620) wraps around your finger like a chic sheet of armor, blackened from years of heavy battle. The shape looks inspired by spiked end of a flail, so really it’s veritable weapon should occasion call for it. The shiny white enamel on the sterling silver bracelet ($2,150) is a little less intimidating, but just as geometric. These are multi-dimensional pieces that require a double take to be fully appreciated. Just notice how the bracelet’s mini cages form the shapes of gemstones. The clever design isn’t available in the US yet, but it will be soon, so keep an eye out. Pieces this full of character don’t come around every season, and you want to make sure your style edge is sharpened at all times. Available on NET-A-PORTER.



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