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Sports Research Sweet Sweat: Feel the Burn

Sports Research Sweet Sweat

My spin class is no joke. Serious riders are kicking serious ass. When I feel like dialing back I look at the girls with the tight ass bums and flat tummies, and I bear down and keep pushing (always take one of the bikes in the back of the room). I found out a slim-down secret from one of these girls – she uses Sports Research‘s Sweet Sweat stick before class. It turns up the heat internally so that you get better circulation and burn extra calories through sweat. The formula helps with muscle fatigue, so you can extend and enhance your workout. I really am killing myself in this class so anything I can do to improve my productivity without additional exertion is a no-brainer. To use it, apply a generous amount to problem areas (i.e. injuries or places where you’re having trouble toning). You can even use it in the sauna, but it’s always healthier to break a sweat doing actual exercise. To get the best results, try to use on clean, unmoisturized skin and don’t rub in the product. I’ve just started, so I’ll update with results after using it for a month! Sweet Sweat comes in a stick ($23.25) or a cream ($24.73). Available on Amazon.



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  1. Girl, you ain’t kidding! I workout hard for my body and the results just don’t come fast enough. I’m very interested in this product. 25 bucks ain’t bad if it works!