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Gaydamak Black Gold and Diamond Hand Bracelet: Sister Act

Gaydamak Black Gold and Diamond Hand Bracelet

I love this design duo. Sisters Katia and Sonia Gaydamak started their eponymous jewelry line just a few years ago, but with inspirations like the Belle Epoque and 18th century Russia, their designs call to mind much earlier times. They know how to turn formal styles into elegant, everyday pieces, and there’s no better example of that than this bracelet. Been longing for an occasion to wear a tiara? The sisters show that you don’t have to be Queen Elizabeth to dress like a royal! With this Gaydamak hand bracelet, you get the glam factor of a tiara in a simpler style that you could sport any day of the year. It slides down over your hand, stopping short just above the crease between your thumb and four other fingers. The style is unique in itself, just like a tiara. But instead of seeming like a diva, you’ll come off as the adventurous Jewel Snob! At Browns for $12,638.



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