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Ikea Cirkustalt Children’s Play Tent: Circus Act

Ikea Cirkustalt Children’s Play Tent

With the extensive collection of play tents taking up residence in my house, the last thing we need is another. But how cute is this big top?? At least you can fold tents up and put them away, and besides, Ikea is more than affordable! This circus-themed fun house will inspire so many creative make-believe games for your tots. They can pretend to run a circus with animal acts courtesy of your pets. I’m sure the herd of toy ponies my girls have will soon be used to recreate the Cavalia Odysseo show that they loved so much (definitely get tickets if it’s near you – they’re expensive, but Groupon has deals sometimes). The tent is big enough to crawl around in, not stand in, so this won’t take up much room. And if your kids aren’t big on playing outside, then planting this out in the backyard will be an easy way to get them out in the sun. It’s easy to take down and reassemble, plus at only three pounds, there’s no heavy lifting involved. Your little ringleaders can close the curtains to rehearse and then raise them up for special performances (so get your video camera ready!). Available at Amazon for $39.99.



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