Why You Should Be Using Mouthwash and What to Look For


I’m not sure if this is exclusively a New York anxiety thing, but I had to get a gum graft done and a bunch of my friends have had to have the same procedure. This isn’t something people usually need until they’re 50-60 I’m told and occurs when your gums start to wear down. In my case – and that of my friends – it’s because we’re so anxious we brush our teeth too aggressively. Let’s file that under things you never thought you had to worry about…

When my dentist told me about this he also told me that I should start using mouthwash at least once a day as it would not only help prevent plaque and gingivitis by killing germs, it will help with the sensitivity I was feeling because of my thin gums (it’s key, he says, to look for a mouthwash with fluoride, which incidentally also helps prevent tooth decay). The tough part for me is that I don’t like mint and most mouthwashes are not only minty, but they are very strong and for them to be optimally effective you have to gargle for about thirty seconds…eeck! It helps to look for a mouthwash that is formulated without alcohol (especially since alcohol also dries out your mouth). Not worried about your gums? You’ll still want to consider adding mouthwash into your routine as it will work with floss to help clean the crevices in between your teeth. It really, really sucks when you have problems with your teeth – there’s no better way to say it – so why not take all the precautionary measures you can, especially when it’s something as simple as rinsing your mouth? Check-out this wash from Rembrandt, which will also help whiten your teeth.


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  1. My dentist also told me I had to start using mouthwash frequently! I never used mouthwash before but the only one I can really stand is Scope! I found out recently that the city I live in (Toronto Canada) puts small doses of fluoride in the tap water, which I do drink a lot of! I haven’t seen my dentist since but do you think consuming fluoride would have the same affect as just putting it your mouth and gargling?

  2. Most of the time, young women need these as a result of bulimia. Brushing teeth too hard wouldn’t cause the need for a gum graft, unless a patient was brushing her teeth 15-20 times or more a day, for 3-5 minutes each time (unlikely in the absence of an OCD).

  3. I hate mint as well. Do you recommend a specific toothpaste? I currently use peroxicare by Arm & hammer