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Armani Junior Diaper Bag: Looks can be Deceiving

Armani Junior Diaper Bag

Of course new parents need diaper bags, but the less they look like diaper bags, the better. Armani Junior’s glossy disguises your accessory as a cute, summer tote! Don’t worry about having a white bag with kids – with a coated vinyl exterior, it’s dirt-resistant, lightweight, and basically indestructible. Black bags can feel so oppressive, especially for sweet, little babies. The zany multi-hued ones are even worse. In the midst of Technicolor tot gear, you want something clean and minimal.

The bag is sturdy and large with comfy canvas straps. On the outside you have your essential pockets – a zipped one for your phone and side compartments for bottles and wipes (when a crisis strikes, you’re going to want those readily accessible). And there are just as many pockets inside – you can never get enough with all of your little one’s necessities. The bag even comes with a changing pad! Then once your tot is all grown up, you can keep using this as a beach tote or laptop carrier. Who knew diaper bags could be so versatile? Available at Bergdorf Goodman for $290.



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