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Beauty Beverage: Kusmi BB Detox


I’m a major tea drinker. It’s rare that I go a day without having at least one big cup and I’d opt for tea over alcohol pretty much any day. It’s great for your health and your skin and now Kusmi is capitalizing on that by launching a fun play on BB creams with a new version of their famed Detox tea. Called Kusmi BB Detox, it has been formulated using natural ingredients known for their wellness properties – namely green tea, maté and grapefruit. It’s a super refreshing blend that tastes just as great warm as it does cold, but one thing to note is that despite being called “detox” it does have caffeine in it (medium level).

Aside from tasting refreshing, it’s detoxifying because of the maté and green tea combo, which has been shown to help eliminate excess fluid from the body and for its variety of vitamins/antioxidants. Plus it improves your skin’s appearance by boosting immunity and toxin removal. The tea also has dandelions in it (high in vitamins C and A), and rooibos (a South African plant rich in alpha hydroxy acids, which are highly beneficial for healthy skin).

Drink up! And if you must…use it as a healthy mixer, why not?


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