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Best Mother’s Day Gift: Resort to Escapism

Best Mother's Day Gift

All moms deserve a break but even if you take the tots out of the house, she will not be able to relax with so many loose ends laying around to distract her with. If you really want to please her and get her something that will make a real difference, get her a hotel room nearby, that way she can feel settled knowing she can be home within minutes. Having absolute peace and quiet is just what the mind and soul needs. She can curl up with a book and actually read more than 2 sentences at a time without interruption. Or even better, if the hotel has a spa, book her a service so she can fully indulge. And when happy hour hits, have girlfriends join her for cocktails by the pool followed by a dinner filled with adult conversation. No talk of diaper accidents.

For me, I escape to the Terranea Resort, just minutes from my house. And look at the view! There is an entire spa retreat with its own gym and pool right at the ocean’s edge. Kids not allowed! This is where I’m spending Mother’s Day weekend. I will roll out of bed Sunday morning and have a lavish brunch with my family and go right back to a nap. If you think my husband planned this out, not a chance. The best gift are those you give yourself. As they say, if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself. So go ahead, book yourself a room if you have to. Leave the guilt at home.



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