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Comes with Baggage: Wear Your Heart on Your Clutch

Comes with Baggage

This is upcycling at its best! Why let a beautiful clutch sit old and unused when all it needs is a fresh coat of lettering? That’s what Comes with Baggage founder Lori Levine thought – she travels the world looking for gorgeous vintage clutches and then returns to NYC to inscribe them with a variety of colorful phrases. The black and gold lettering is silk screened by hand, essentially giving your bag a guaranteed conversation starter (“Protect me from what i want” will surely spark some questions).

Since each one is “re-made,” they’re also guaranteed one-of-a-kinds, and at such great prices, they’d make perfect gifts for your besties. I wish I could’ve given one to each of my bridesmaids for my bachelorette party! In fact, there’s a bridal collection decorated with classic phrases like “Happily Ever After…” and “Old, New, Borrowed & Blue” (available in blue, of course). There’s a wide range of colors and leathers to choose from – even snake embossed ones come at the same price. Go ahead and pick your punchline. Available on Comes with Baggage for $288 each.



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