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Delfina Dellettrez Skeleton Bracelet: A Helping Hand

Delfina Dellettrez Skeleton Bracelet

Is it Halloween already? It’s no secret that Delfina Dellettrez has an unusually gothic sense of style (she draws inspiration from famed 16th century anatomist Andreas van Vessel), but this is just creepy. The Terminator exoskeleton look is not for everyone. While I think we can all agree that bony hands aren’t sexy, you’re sure to spark some interesting party conversations with this cuffed on your wrist. The contraption is fully articulated and each skeletal finger has a ring attached, so you’ll even be able to hold your drink while your explaining to fellow guests just what possessed you to purchase this. Because with a price tag topping 4 grand, the novelty most certainly doesn’t match up with the cost. You’d be giving away an arm and a leg just to buy it – hardly seems a fair trade-off. Available on Luisa via Roma for $4,325.



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