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Kai Body Buffer: One for the Record Books

Kai Body Buffer

My showers clock in at record time. I can shampoo and condition my hair, wash my body, and clean my face in two minutes flat, but I’m always looking for ways to beat my own time. Just as Olympic runners cut down on their records with the help of the best gear, so I will half my record with Kai’s body buffer. Rather than exfoliating and cleansing in the shower, then jumping out and moisturizing, you can just use this three-in-one sponge! It’s much more effective than a flimsy loofah (or worse – a super scratchy one). The buffer is infused with palm, coconut, and olive oil (fun fact: the ancient Egyptians used this as a cleanser and moisturizer – it’s certainly a time-tested ingredient!) that create foaming bubbles when wet and smell wonderfully tropical. Each set comes with two sponges that’ll last you 30 days each, giving you a two-month supply. It’s comparable to Kai’s body wash ($37) in price and has the added convenience of the sponge! Available at Barneys New York for $40.



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