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Solar Oil Skin & Nail Conditioner: Soft Cuticles, Strong Nails

Solar Oil Skin & Nail Conditioner

My cuticles and I are locked in a vicious cycle of a battle – they dry out, I pick at them, they get worse, I pick more…I think you see where I’m going here. My weekly manicure is only a temporary reprieve. I’ve tried out a lot of nice cuticle oils, and I’ll tell you – Solar Oil‘s is one of the best. The brush is messier and less convenient than OPI’s pen applicator, but it’s worth the effort. I like to put it on right before bed. It smells of almonds, which I’m guessing is where the vitamin E comes from. The formula also includes three natural oils (including moisturizing jojoba) to help strengthen your nails, so I apply it there, as well. If you use an acetone polish remover, it can wreak havoc on your nails. And when you’re rocking open-toed sandals this summer, you need to be prepared for your feet to take an even more serious beating. With this oil, your toes will look great – even sans polish. Available at Ulta for $7.50 (.25 oz.) and $11.50 (.5 oz.).



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