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Carolina Bucci Woven Gold Cuffs: Weave It to Me

Carolina Bucci Woven Gold Cuffs

It’s always nice to find pieces that are both unique and wearable like Carolina Bucci’s woven gold cuffs. They’re great for summer when you want to make a big statement with minimal effort. Weaving delicate precious metal pieces together requires a level of craftsmanship that makes this investment worthwhile. The gold ($9,480) is the most versatile – you could wear it with anything from a ball gown to a boho mini skirt. For the same look with more shimmer, there’s a diamond-encrusted version ($16,200), or alternatively you could go a little more casual with the rainbow-threaded option ($3,540). I also like the blackened white gold bracelet ($7,080). While the style is edgier, the cuff is just as luxe. Each one comes in a cute blue pouch, but I have a feeling you won’t be storing them very often! Available on NET-A-PORTER.



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