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Givenchy New Rigid Medium Crossbody Bag: The Camera (Bag) Doesn’t Lie

Givenchy Crossbody Bag

I love this bag. Tired of all the camera bags out there that don’t quite click, I’m happy to see Givenchy getting it right with their aptly named Rigid bag. Hyper-structured, it may not be meant for carrying a camera, but it still has that same adventurous air.

A great crossbody is absolutely essential in the summer. Although, this one’s not an ideal bag to take on vacation. I prefer something that’s easier to pack and takes up less space in your suitcase. But if you’re running around back home or packing light isn’t your mission (because you are like Tina and travel with multiple hard suitcases – as if you would expect anything else!), then you’re all set. As for me, I take pride in my ability to pack extremely light. At this point, it’s almost a game to test how little I can bring on a month-long trip

Okay, tangent’s over!  Givenchy has always been good at nailing an edgy, fun, and cool attitude, and this crossbody is totally on-brand. They were left off my shopping list for a while, but now they are totally back on. In fact, first item on my to-do list once I get to Italy next week? Find this and scoop it up.

Available for pre-order at Bergdorf Goodman for $2,185 (expect delivery by October 7th).

Pair with: I’ll be happily hoofing it in Gianvito Rossi’s suede gladiator sandals, currently in season and on sale.

On Net-a-Porter for $412.50 (from $825).



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